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Brazilian Booty Band


The revolutionary Brazilian Booty Band, the first fo its kind, designed specifically to optimise the glutes activations during your workout with a 7.5 cm width (much more effective than other thinner bands that are not capable of giving the same result). This amazing band is everything you need for a killer Booty workout and it is perfect for everyone from weightlifters, yogis, dancers and fitness enthusiasts to perfect their peach and improve posture at the same time.

Weight 0.180 g

1 review for Brazilian Booty Band

  1. Terry

    First of all I would like to say these bands are extremely good value for money, it comes with all 4 options to meet your needs across different workout and resistance! The price you pay for each band is already half the price of this pack… and the colour simply makes you work that much harder! 🙂

    I used the ultimate band (4 peaches) and to my surprise the band offered a good (sufficient) resistance, and to my bigger surprise I was squatting at 200kg so the band is much stronger then it looks.

    The band was much more comfortable to wear then the elastics ones, it does not scratch your or chafe or dig in to your skin (i alternated bands to see the difference). While the fear of the Booty Band snapping mid lift is greater compared to the elastic ones however that mentality came and went after a few reps. Also to my big surprise the band did’t have much of a folding problem when you walk in them if you put them on properly!

    The downside… my hands smelt like rubber all day lol

    Do I recommend it…. Yes!

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